Web Design as Story Telling

What makes a great website great?

Is it the Design?

Is it the UX?

Is it the Content?

Maybe all of the above.

But more than anything a great story makes a great website. A story is about stirring an emotion, striking a connection. It’s about building a bond, it’s about delivering a message. A great story moves us, it’s how we learn about each other, it brings people together. It inspires us, it lits a fire within, a flame of positive transformation. “Storytelling is the difference between solving a problem and creating a cause. Lists solve a problem: Here’s an issue we face, let’s create a pro and con list about how to solve it and then pick the best option. A cause is something that ignites people and unites people. That is what a good story does: It creates a cause.”

Our common stories build and hold societies together, they affect our perceptions. They reflect our pasts as we march towards the future. Stories are how people communicated way before the era of computers, PowerPoint and Social Media.

Life, after all, is just a story! What makes each one of us unique is our unique story! Sometimes happy! Sometimes sad! It’s an amazing roller coaster ride! Sometimes we win! Sometimes we seem to lose! Sometimes we are lost! Sometimes it’s a grand celebration of lights! But either way, it is too short to not own our story and too long to embrace regret and defeat. Nobody truly knows what life is, it is whatsoever it is!

So, if given an opportunity, what story would you tell? What message would you deliver? What’s your story?

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