EarthConnect Education

EarthConnect Education is an education company in Australia dedicated to ensuring that all children have the opportunity to develop their connection with the natural world. I have designed their logo and visual identity, and also designed and developed their website.

Mood Board

In this particular mood board, we made a collage of images, the images that would convey or represent the overall ambience of the company. And we tried to express the same in the logo and the website.


We worked on two versions of the logo, the main one is on the left, that one is for conventional uses such as on the top of the letter pad and the one on right (the square one) is for more modern uses such as social media icon or due to smaller size and circular configuration could be used on rubber stamps.

Identity Design

Visual Identity

UI Design of the Landing page for Desktop and Mobile

Click on the image to view full size

ECE User Interface

Web Development

These are the videos of the finished website. As business needs and customer requirements are constantly changing the pages of the website also change. So the final page here in the video might look slightly different from the actual design. Hence I advise visiting to see the most up to date version.

Website Demonstration on desktop