Minimal Elegance

“When everything is exactly the same, a little different makes news, a little different brings you success, a little different stands out… It will really change how people perceive your brand.”  
― Vitaly Friedman

When it comes to design minimalism is good but not to the point of extreme reductionism where brands, whether companies or individuals start losing their personality. If we look at a lot of websites and apps today they look just the same even the illustrations and headings are identical and I fear it might not be a good trend.

How much of the resources does a company or an individual spend on looking different, one of a kind, different from the rest of the competition, so when it comes to websites or apps why should all look similar even identical? Some people would say to make the experience fluid, landing on a page and checking out without any friction.

But if we make everything totally frictionless, things just go unnoticed and that’s the problem of speed. It’s a relative concept. Speed serves only as long as one individual has it but the rest don’t. If all are running then from a relative perspective all seems stagnant. And even when a lot is being no one has time to reflect upon what’s done and to enjoy it. So sometimes it becomes necessary to introduce just a little bit of friction to be noticed. Use the processes on the website to make people slow down and breathe just a little. Just for a moment maybe introduce a bit of humour and you’ll be remembered.

courtesy MEME

And if we as individuals and businesses are not doing it we are missing an opportunity to connect to other individuals on a deep human level and some of them may turn out to be potential customers. Wouldn’t you chuckle just a little if you read “This website uses biscuits” instead of “This website uses cookies”? You might even share a screenshot of the website with a friend and you all might end up having a moment of bonding and laughter not just with the product but with each other. (I have shared more practical examples of this in another article called Humane Experiences.)

It is so important to have a personality, to leave an impression,  to be memorable after all that’s what true elegance is all about as Giorgio Armani once said Elegance is not about being noticed, it’s about being remembered’. Without personality the brand wouldn’t be a brand it would be a replaceable commodity, consumers have no loyalty towards commodities ever. And yet at the same time, things should be too random or too chaotic unless it’s purposeful yet whatever is done should be done elegantly. And that perfect balance is what I call Minimal-Elegance, elegance without clutter. I want to continue sharing more on this topic over the next couple of months so stay tuned.

Thank You for reading. Have a flawless day!

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