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MW Governance

MW Governance website was created for an existing client for board voting for a property estate. There were some special requirements such as only one member per house could signup. Passwordless login. They must vote at a particular point before they can read further and comment etc. The emphasis was on good contract, minimalistic UI/UX and over-all user-friendliness.

Here are the screenshots of the final result

Home Page
Contact Page
Voting Page
Voting Page with live poll results
More text and comment section unfolds after casting votes

Tomorrow’s People Education

Client’s Requirements:

Simple and beautiful looking website with home, about and contact pages. The main function of this website is to showcase services and take bookings. It must also have a blogging abilities. Is it possible to do on wix? I already have a Wix subscription.

The Results

After a little bit of inquiry and understanding her needs better we created this website on her existing Wix subscription.

Home Page
Services Page
Booking Page

Caring is the best marketing strategy

“Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care.”

Theodore Roosevelt

Caring • /ˈkɛːrɪŋ/
Adjective: displaying kindness and concern for others.

Getting into any business for money alone is the quickest way to fail.

If you are getting into the business for gold it is the quickest way to fail and lose. Successful entrepreneurs often start with the issues they care about. Sometimes these are the things they would irrespective of whether they are paid to do it or not.

This is reflected in the definition of the word itself:

Mark Twain once said, ” The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer someone else up.”. Besides being the best marketing strategy, caring is truly a mutual exchange of joy and health because it not only makes someone’s life beautiful it fills the one who’s caring with joy.

The joy of caring is truly infectious, it’s said to lengthen telomere which slows ageing and increases life expectancy and longevity. Telomeres are the end caps of DNA on our chromosomes, which help in DNA replication and get shorter over time.

Research shows:

“Chronological age and biological age are not identical. The former is measured in years, whereas the latter is often indexed by telomere length … Telomeres progressively shorten with cell division (i.e., ageing) in general, but may also be replenished, or lengthened, by the enzyme telomerase.” (source)

Numerous studies have linked kindness with improved life expectancy. One such study by Doug Oman of the University of California, Berkeley, found that elderly people who regularly volunteered were 44% less likely to die over a five-year period. Even more remarkable is that those who volunteered for two or more organizations had 63% lower mortality than non-volunteers. This was a stronger factor than exercising four times a week.

Genuine Entrepreneurs put the end-users first

Entrepreneurs care about the issue and the people they are dealing with is visible in their daily attitude and work. Some Entrepreneurs start by developing solutions to problems they and others face but couldn’t find any appropriate solution in the market. While others start by sharing their knowledge or passion and build a community around it.

the 3 key characteristics required to build sustainable influence and financial success

What are your thoughts on caring as a marketing strategy and its effects on the entrepreneur and the customer? Let me know in the comments below. If you enjoyed the post then do share it with your loved ones, after all, sharing is caring.

PY Home

Pratilom Yoga

Pratilom Yoga

Pratilom Yoga is a yoga, mediation and lifestyle blog. powered by WordPress I have designed its logo, visual identity and website’s UI. I have developed the website and maintain it. The overall development time was short so I had to jump from wireframes directly to the development and iteratively improvise in an agile fashion.


These were some of our inspirations. click on the image to view full size

Logo Icon Design

The icon on the bottom right is the final one

Visual Identity Design

Visual Identity


Final Website

Website Demonstration on desktop

EarthConnect Education

EarthConnect Education

EarthConnect Education is an education company in Australia dedicated to ensuring that all children have the opportunity to develop their connection with the natural world. I have designed their logo and visual identity, and also designed and developed their website.

Mood Board

In this particular mood board, we made a collage of images, the images that would convey or represent the overall ambience of the company. And we tried to express the same in the logo and the website.


We worked on two versions of the logo, the main one is on the left, that one is for conventional uses such as on the top of the letter pad and the one on right (the square one) is for more modern uses such as social media icon or due to smaller size and circular configuration could be used on rubber stamps.

Identity Design

Visual Identity

UI Design of the Landing page for Desktop and Mobile

Click on the image to view full size

ECE User Interface

Web Development

These are the videos of the finished website. As business needs and customer requirements are constantly changing the pages of the website also change. So the final page here in the video might look slightly different from the actual design. Hence I advise visiting https://earthconnecteducation.com/ to see the most up to date version.

Website Demonstration on desktop
Screenshot (916)

North Life: A Simple and Intuitive Productive and Lifestyle Management App

North Life: A Simple and Intuitive Productive and Lifestyle Management App

North Life is a simple, direct, intuitive and process-oriented productivity and lifestyle management app that I designed and developed as the capstone project which was a requirement for my online Specialisation in Responsive Web Development and Design Course offered by the University of London

This is a technical demo for the project, you might feel like I am rushing a little and that’s because we were given just 5 minutes to cover specific issues and topics that would determine the grading.

What can users do?

Monitor control and Record their short and long term goals and achievements. This helps them improve lifestyle, work-life balance, increase productivity build healthy habits.

How do they do it?

By intuite categorising and prioritising on tasks, structuring them, for better control over the course of days, weeks and months.

What is the unique feature?

“If it’s your job to eat a frog, it’s best to do it first thing in the morning. And If it’s your job to eat two frogs, it’s best to eat the biggest one first.”

― Mark Twain

When we are seeking progress it is easy to see the path as ladder, as going uphill but recent cognitive and behavioural psychology as well as neuroscience show us that the cognitive control (this includes decision making ability and will power) is maximum in the morning and decreases as the day passes.

So leaving most important tasks and decisions toward the latter part of the day is to leave them to chance and this is why most people have difficulty achieving their goals and they procrastinate. So a better way to look at the day would as a journey downhill. scheduling most difficult thing first and as the day passes working on easier things. This initiates a snowball of productivity. The app is designed to make the best out of this phenomenon.

pexels-ekaterina-bolovtsova-4049793 (1)

Entrepreneur v/s Wantrepreneur (Must read before you start your business)

“With entrepreneurship becoming trendy a lot of people are calling themselves entrepreneurs who really aren’t. They should call themselves wantrepreneur instead… I promise you that getting into this game for the gold is the quickest path to long term failure.”

Gary Vee

Aren’t you fed up with seeing ads of fake Guru’s trying to sell you courses that would supposedly help you grow your business or career? But how many of them have actually succeeded in doing what they’re trying to teach?

Internet is saturated with so many wantrepreneur and fake coaches but I appeal here to not be like them. The true secret to success in entrepreneurship is to contribute to the lives of people, delivering value, being helpful, when necessary reducing a little for benefit of others, for the right cause.

Start with the right motivation

In other words, don’t be a wantrepreneur. Let’s see some examples of the wrong and the right motivations:

Terrible motives for starting a business

  1. To earn a million dollars real quick.
  2. To be famous.
  3. To work less.
  4. To get rid of responsibilities.

Right motives for starting a business

  1. To share your knowledge.
  2. To help people
  3. To build something that leaves a legacy.
  4. To create personal and financial freedom and security for yourself and your family.
  5. To monetise a passion and build a community around it.

These are the 3 key characteristics required to build sustainable influence and financial success:

  1. Commitment to service
  2. Desire to provide value
  3. A love of Teaching
the 3 key characteristics required to build sustainable influence and financial success

Also, don’t look for “get rich quick” schemes or things like downloading apps or filling quizzes (silly YouTube tips), those are not sustainable. The only way to get money from people is to solve their problem or satisfy their needs.

When people with money want something (to get rid of something) more than their money they’ll pay any fair price for it. And that is the only sustainable way to be rich by the means of a business.

What are your thoughts on entrepreneur vs wantrepreneur? Let me know in the comments below. If you enjoyed the post then do share it with your loved ones, after all, sharing is caring.


Song Data Visualizer

Song Data Visualizer is a data visualization app I built during my specialisation course for the University of London. It is designed and developed in two modes a light and dark mode. Though it currently shows song data based on data provided by Goldsmiths, University of London, almost any other data can be fed using JSON and visualised. Here is the video demonstrating a few features of the web app: