About Me

Hey There! My name is Krupal. I am a Web Solopreneur from Ahmedabad, India. I hold a Bachelor Degree in Engineering (B. Eng.) from the Gujarat Technological University (GTU) and I also hold a Specialisation in Responsive Web Development and Design from the University of London. Furthermore, I am also pursuing a UX Design Certification under Award-winning UX designer Antony Conboy (who has more than 15 years of experience in the field and has been the designer for Vogue magazine, Barclays, Cisco, BBC, Ferrari, Wired and many more.).-

"The design process is weird and complicated because it involves people and systems which often are weird and complicated."
― á la Mark Boulton

It is estimated that a modern user will spend 41% of his or her life interacting on screen, with a digital product, i.e. 8000 days or 21 years of one’s life. Where there’s so much interaction going on it is easy to pass by unnoticed and it’s easy to get lost in the noise. It is so easy to build just another robotic transaction instead of humane and soulful interaction. Hence it is so essential to align business goals to a user interaction that is soulful and humane. The businesses that would fail to connect with people on this intimate level will fail to stand out, be noticed, be remembered. And something that’s out of sight is soon out of mind.

In my humble opinion, to improve your value proposition by creating better design and user experience is one sure way to stand out as a brand and to gain customer loyalty. Because anyone can deliver functionality but delivering a great experience that’s a difficult job. It takes a completely different thought approach, a revolutionized process, it takes time and effort. It takes quick but endless iterations, it requires us to stay focused on deliverables, on human needs and not to get lost in technical specifications, on this framework and that, on this wireframing kit and another. 

Most importantly it requires an unbroken awareness of time and resources. Or else it is easy to get lost in an endless loop of iterations and relentless improvement without actually delivering anything to the end-user. The secret to any great product, any great design is to know precisely when to flare and when to focus, when to move forward and when to stop but to know this based not on your own opinion but on the user’s opinion. That’s what a designer does. That’s what I have been doing for nearly two years now using my own framework that integrates Lean, Design Thinking and Agile to solve practical business problems, even for small and medium-sized businesses.  



I usually work alone but it really depends on the size and requirements of the project. I have freelancer friends/colleagues in North and South America, Australia, Europe and Asia  with whom I collaborate/consult when the project is big enough or requires more than one person or expertise.

There are many services I offer that are tailored to custom needs and they do not always fall strictly under any of the four categories. There's no one size that fits all.  I understand that each project is unique and comes with it's unique scopes and challenges. So feel free always to contact me with your business needs.   

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